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Quality & Construction

Quality Control Standards

Engineering Standards

  • All roof trusses are manufactured with #1 and better lumber. No chord lumber to have double crowns ("S" shaped boards). Rejected chord stock, Stud grade or #3 grade are to be used for webs unless the engineering specifies differently.
    • Maximum span of 10 feet per panel length for all 2x4 panels in top and bottom chord of a roof truss
    • All verticals on stub trusses that connect with girders are designed with 2x4 and manufactured with 2x6 such that the end of the truss can be trimmed without interfering with the integrity of the truss
    • All mono trusses that attach to another truss have the vertical moved away from the high end at least 1".
    • All girder connections are built with 1/4" clearance.
    • If a problem or complaint occurs we will start immediately to rectify it.
    • All jobs to be shipped with an installation manual, that will include, but is not limited to all engineering and a copy of the control document.

Manufacturing Standards

    • Control Document ("Shipping Ticket") follows the order through the plant, which then indicates the sawyer, builder, and shipper. Copy of document is enclosed as the last page of the installation manual.

    • Truss Height Bottom of B.C. to Top T.C. plus or minus 1/8".

    • Heel height plus or minus 1/8".

    • B.C. chamber: 1/8" to 30 ft., 3/16" to 40 ft., 1/4" over 40 ft.

    • Tails plus or minus 1/8" on setup and then plus or minus 1/16" during manufacture.

    • All compression webs aligned with no gaps. Tension webs maximum gap of 3/16"

    • If uncertainty exists then 1/8" tolerance will apply to any part on the truss.

    • Point loads indicated by orange "CONCENTRATED LOAD HERE" label fastened under connector plate on each ply of girder that carries the load.

    • Lateral braces indicated with green "PERMAMENT LATERAL BRACING REQUIRED" label. The label is attached to the web with a staple.

    • Internal bearing indicated with red "BEARING LOCATION" label fastened under the connector plate on each truss that has an internal bearing.

    • Weatherproof labels identifying truss number and shape, are attached to individual trusses and fastened under the connector plate near the center of the truss. (Large orders of trusses exactly alike are exempt from this type of labeling)

    • All tails painted so that upon installation all trusses will be better aligned in roof plane

The guiding rule for quality is  "If you can make it better then do so, on this truss right now!"


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